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Jaclyn is an experienced writer and editor who works with corporate clients, consumer publications and websites. EditFish logo for Jaclyn's editing blog
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Reviews from corporate clients

"Jaclyn writes newsletters for Bayshore that range in topic from serious injury care and pharmaceutical support services, to our corporate newsletter and 'branch of the month' profile. She is friendly and pleasant to work with, can easily grasp complex subject matter, is able to develop strong story angles and well-structured copy, has good rapport with her interview subjects, and meets deadlines. Best of all, she writes great leads, which results in stories with proper flow that require minimal editing. We are fortunate to have Jaclyn Law as a writer, as writers like her are hard to find."
- Mike Krunic, former director of marketing, Bayshore Home Health

“We have just finished our second major project working with Jaclyn. For our first project she was the copy editor, and for this second year of the Press Freedom Review she was the managing editor. Both times, Jaclyn has delivered an excellent product, one that exceeded my expectations. She is dependable, punctual, works well with all the team members and is perhaps the most detail-oriented person I have ever worked with. Thanks, Jaclyn, for taking the Press Freedom Review two very big steps forward, and for making the process so smooth and stress-free! I would highly recommend Jaclyn.”
- Julie Payne, manager, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression

"Jaclyn’s contribution to the work of our organization has been significant, to say the least. She has shown great flexibility, rising to meet the needs of many challenges as we serve our readership from coast to coast. She is at once meticulous, methodical and creative; she has demonstrated great powers of analysis, taking on a range of tasks and handling them with the care one would expect of someone with a personal investment. Her multi-tasking skills are beyond impressive. All of this while offering considerable camaraderie and support. If you don’t hire this woman, there may be something seriously wrong with you. If you do, then you will be amongst those lucky enough to have an unusually wide range of skills and aptitudes backing you up in your work." - Ray Cohen, CEO and Founder, Canadian Abilities Foundation

"I can trust Jaclyn to pull through on quick deadlines without compromising quality or content. On short web articles for consumers or larger-scale provincial educational resources for service providers, Jaclyn's thorough attention to details certainly makes my life easier!" - Carol Harrison, RD, nutrition consultant

Reviews from editors

"Jaclyn is a terrific copy editor – fast, accurate and a pleasure to work with. I've worked with her on a wide range of publications, from professional journals to parenting magazines, and she has an amazing talent for adapting her editing to the style of each publication." - Elizabeth Garel, writer and editor

"It's a treat working with Jaclyn. She has great ideas and executes them well, and her research skills are terrific." - Bonnie Schiedel, freelance writer and editor, and former consulting editor, Chatelaine

"Jaclyn Law is at the top of my list of favourite freelance writers. Her work for City Dog Magazine is consistently above average. Jaclyn's writing and reporting skills are top-notch, her research always solid and her editorial judgement sound. Plus, she has never missed a deadline! I wouldn't hesitate recommending Jaclyn for any writing assignment." - Kim Shiffman, former editor, City Dog Magazine

"Jaclyn Law was consistently employed as a freelance writer for Verve, a national young women's magazine, for five years. During that time Ms. Law displayed exceptional writing and creative skills. Her writing consistently adhered to writers' guidelines, required little substantive editing and was always produced on deadline. Ms. Law was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her as a journalist able to cover diverse issues and produce clean, concise copy." - Charmaine Noronha, journalist and former editor, Vervegirl Magazine

Reviews from writers

“A writer’s work is only as polished as the talents of the editor behind it. Jaclyn has time and again tweaked my writing to make the sentence sing, the paragraph gel and the original idea more poignant. She is encouraging and perceptive in handling material, which promotes satisfying teamwork.” - Darlene Macdonald, writer

"Jaclyn’s meticulous editing has enhanced several stories I wrote for her when she was the editor of Abilities Magazine. Jaclyn carefully considers every word that goes into a story, which in turn elevates a writer's work to new heights. She offers carefully thought-out feedback and engaging birth coaching from story conception all the way through to printed product. I wish more editors were as attentive as Jaclyn! Highly recommended." - Carter Hammett, freelance journalist

Reviews from workshop clients

"Jaclyn’s session on copy editing basics supplied our incoming bureau chiefs with an even better foundation on which they can continue to build their proofreading skills. Many of our new staff later emphasized the impact the workshop had on them, and agreed they felt more confident about editing on the job." - Emma Godmere, National Bureau Chief, Canadian University Press

"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your informative session on Saturday. Everyone said they learned a lot from you and enjoyed your presentation a lot." - Danielle Webb, former Canadian University Press National Bureau Chief